About our site

About our site

Discover the exquisite collections of pinkandblue.com. Our newborn baby and toddler clothing features the softest cotton in the world – 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. Perfect for pampering delicate skin! 


Our Collections

pinkandblue.com offers two distinctive collections – Giggle and Coo and Sweet Cottons. Our Giggle and Coo collection features embroidered Onesies that are sure to make you smile. Designed to mix and match with ease – pair your favorite Onesie with an adorable baby hat and legging, for a look that is simply sweet!

Our Sweet Cottons collection offers timeless and classic pieces that welcome your infant baby to the world with the softest and finest baby basics. Kimono sets, dresses, romperrs, convertible gowns, footsies, blankets and more - We have the perfect array of choices. 


Pima Cotton

Originally referred to as "American-Egyptian cotton" upon its development in Southwestern America, Pima cotton has become more steadily available throughout the years and is now grown and processed in areas all over the world, including the United States, Israel, Australia and Peru. But the hallmark of high-end fibers is Peruvian Pima Cotton! Peruvian Pima Cotton features long silky strands and brilliant luster that are a result of excellent growing conditions in Peru's northern coastal valleys. Carefully harvested by hand, the results are free from the scratchy impurities that industrial cottons provide. Peruvian Pima is also certified "ecologically friendly" – it contains fewer chemicals than cottons grown in other areas, as no pesticides are used. Easily hand washed or dry cleaned; Peruvian Pima is as durable, as it is comfortable. It's average staple length of 1 9/16" makes it one of the longest staple cottons in the world. In addition to supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly production associated with buying Pima cotton, you are supporting products that are made under fair-trade and fair-wage conditions. This means that the employees who make our products are treated and paid fairly. This includes healthy working conditions and respect. 



Pima Cotton offers breathe ability, durability and versatility that is quite unlike any other fiber – natural or synthetic fiber. We hold our fabric to the very highest of standards, ensuring that only the purest and very finest products for both you and your baby! Sumptuously soft baby clothing that is both beautifully embroidered and creatively designed makes for a wonderfully unique baby gift – any time of year. Delicate, soft, comfy and stylish, our wonderful products are just a click away!